Child Labour: Hidden Stories of Cumbria (18 May - 28 Sep)

18 May to 28 September
Discover the role children played in the industries that shaped the Lake District in the Victorian era.

A great exhibition for families, in particular grandparents, to reflect on what life was like when they were young. Perfect for children with interactive elements of the exhibition that share insight into the lives of those as young as five who went to work. 

Children from a local school helped to produce the exhibition displays with their own thoughts and artwork. 

Before the late 1700s children usually worked at home helping their parents with farming, wool production or knitting.

With the onset of the industrial revolution child labour moved into factories or large mines.

At the time 30% of the population of Cumberland and Westmorland were under 15 and there were few regular free schools for them to go to, they represented an almost unlimited source of cheap unskilled labour.
The exhibition will look at the shocking truth of how children worked and how that affected public and government opinion.

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