Esperance Programme, Science In Motion Update

As part of the Esperance Programme, a series of projects that schools have been taking part in this year, students from the Lakes School spent time with us in June, documenting the developments at Windermere Jetty.

A local film company, Signal Film & Media, worked with the students to teach them how to use filming equipment, how to use an SLR digital camera and they also focused on interview techniques. The students then spent two days at Windermere Jetty interviewing the staff working on the project and filming the construction work taking place. The students were also given a tour of the Conservation Workshop where they were able to speak to the Conservation team and see first-hand the important work that has been taking place to conserve the collection.

Using a mixture of archival images, film footage, interviews and still shots collected during their visit to the museum, the students have created a piece of film. We think it’s fantastic and really sums up the excitement surrounding Windermere Jetty.

The class teacher commented that ‘this has been great, it’s brought real life skills into the classroom and has given the students the chance to experience different jobs taking place outside of the classroom too.’

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