Site Progress – December 2015

Following the official start on site in November, Thomas Armstrong have prepared the site and begun the groundworks forming the basis of the new museum buildings.  One of the first tasks has been to build up the ground level to the main buildings. As part of the flood defence strategy, the museum will be built on a plinth to raise it above the historic flood levels. The need for this was demonstrated earlier this month when much of Cumbria was affected by heavy rainfall and flooding. Although the site flooded, fortunately the lake level dropped quickly and work was able to carry on.

The conservation workshop will be at a lower level enabling it to connect to the lake via a new slipway. Work has started here to reduce the ground level for the whole boatyard and workshop making way for the first foundations to be laid in 2016. At the southern end of the field, the overflow carpark has also been formed that will provide parking for visitors at peak times when the museum is open.

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