Site Progress – February 2016

Groundworks continue to change the profile of the site with the layout for the new buildings taking shape every day. Thomas Armstrong have made good progress reducing the ground levels for the conservation workshop and boatyard area and will soon be starting the drainage installation ahead of the foundations for the building.

During January and February the lake was dredged where the new jetties will be located and within the wet dock area. Using equipment floated out on the lake on large pontoons, the contractors dredged the bottom of the lake to ensure that the water is deep enough for the boats that will be on display in the boathouse and all the different boats that will use the jetties, whether taking passengers out or arriving at the museum for a visit.

New ground for the exhibition space has started to be formed which will look out across the lake to Claife Heights. This building will be nestled between the boatyard and boathouse telling the stories of the collection against the backdrop of Windermere.

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