Site Progress - December

Thomas Armstrong has been able to take full advantage of the mild winter weather building up the walls of the café, learning space and reception. The copper roof has been completed to the learning centre building and the cladding specialists have moved on to covering the reception roof. The structural wall system has also started on the main exhibition building, the largest of the buildings, beginning to enclose the space and frame more of the views out to the lake.

A number of the roofs are nearing completion with the installation of rooflights to the boathouse and café. Pipes and wires are also beginning to appear as the first fix for services begins around the museum buildings.

The construction of the slipway is well underway. A team of specialist divers have spent many hours under ice cold water to install the steel structure that will form the long ramp into the lake. The next task will be to lay the concrete top on which boats will be moved in and out of the lake for conservation and maintenance. 

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