Site Progress - May

Whilst there is still lots of work to be done in the ground for all of the new museum buildings, this month has seen the beginnings of a building emerge from the dusty site. Following on from the foundations completed last month, the concrete slab forming the base of the whole conservation workshop building has been created. Timber shuttering was built around the perimeter of the building, this was followed by reinforcing mesh before concrete was poured into the template. Once cured, the shuttering was removed to reveal the building’s footprint.

Work in the water has also started installing the piles for the new jetties that will be the hub of the museum. The first set of piles to form the largest jetty has been completed and the contractors will continue with jetties in and around the new boathouse building. Be sure to check in with us next month as the next few weeks are set to be very busy including boat moves and steel structures. 

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