Site Progress - September

This month we have reached a significant milestone in the project and have now erected all six building structures that will form the new Windermere Jetty. The final foundations for the learning centre and reception were poured and once ready the steel frames were quickly erected making a full complement of buildings. The next step is to weld the frames which will then allow the superstructure to begin.

The workshop building now has a complete copper roof and the walls are on the way to being completed to enable the copper cladding to be applied soon. Roofing works to the café and wet dock are also progressing.

In the exhibition building, the ground has been excavated and the dry dock is being formed. This will house Branksome when the museum opens, displaying the boat as though on the water so visitors will be able to walk around the boat and see into the deck and cabin areas where Edna Howarth would have taken tea out on the lake.

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