Plain Sailing!

Historic boats get ready for their big day.

Conservation work on several historic vessels is gathering pace at Windermere Jetty.
One of the first boats to move from conservation to the new museum is the gem of the collection - Branksome.
Built in 1896 as a luxuriously designed vessel for use on Windermere, Branksome is a unique example of Victorian panaché and engineering.

Osprey is Reintroduced to the Water

The Windermere Jetty team reached a fantastic milestone on 11 January, placing Osprey into the water for the first time for almost 10 years. Steam Launch (SL) Osprey was built in 1902 in Bowness and after many years out of service, she has required extensive restoration to bring her back to her former glory.

Site Progress - December

2017 has been an incredible year for the progress of the Windermere Jetty project, with huge developments in the construction of the new buildings. Here we reflect on how far the project has come since January.

Conservation Progress - November

Penelope II is now the main focus for the Conservation team, who are restoring her ready to be used for boat trips when the Museum opens.

Penelope II was built by Borwicks of Bowness for a local family and used mainly to follow the Royal Windermere Yacht Club races. With a straight bow and cruiser stern, Penelope II looks like a traditional Windermere steam launch but she has always run on a motor engine.

Conservation Progress - October

In last month’s news, Osprey was about to have her boiler lifted in. With the boiler now in place the Conservation team will connect up the pipework, marking one of the final stages of her restoration.

Jane, who is looking increasingly striking with her beautifully crafted chrome work now fitted, will also have have her seats installed. A 1930s speedboat, Jane will be available for unique and exclusive boat trips for two from Windermere Jetty.


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