Site Progress - March

Progress continues on from last months update, with the focus on constructing the external walls and roofs to all of the buildings in preparation for the final cladding finish to begin installation next month.

The main jetty is under construction and divers have now installed the lake source heat pump beneath. Much like a ground source heat pump, this will use energy from the water to heat the buildings giving the museum excellent sustainability credentials.

Site Progress - February

All of the copper roofs to the buildings are now almost finished as the final and largest roof to the exhibition building is nearing completion. With the external walls that have been constructed over the last few weeks, the space is beginning to take shape and the incredible backdrop to the museum collection is in full focus.

Site Progress - December

Thomas Armstrong has been able to take full advantage of the mild winter weather building up the walls of the café, learning space and reception. The copper roof has been completed to the learning centre building and the cladding specialists have moved on to covering the reception roof. The structural wall system has also started on the main exhibition building, the largest of the buildings, beginning to enclose the space and frame more of the views out to the lake.

Site Progress - November

All efforts continue to construct the walls and roofs of the new museum buildings making the most of the mild autumn weather. Following on the from the café, work to the learning centre roof is well underway and the external partition walls are under construction. The roof the reception and shop area is also under construction following the sequence around the buildings.

Esperance Programme, Science In Motion Update

As part of the Esperance Programme, a series of projects that schools have been taking part in this year, students from the Lakes School spent time with us in June, documenting the developments at Windermere Jetty.


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