Pharmacist's shop at MOLLI

Victorian Street Scene

Take a walk down a Victorian High Street. See how a street in a town like Kendal would have looked around 150 years ago. Here you can go to the pharmacist’s shop where local people would have bought not only medicines but exotic foods, sparkling water, matches, perfumes, photographic equipment and dozens of other things that the pharmacist created. Then cross the road to see the toy shop or peek into the other windows.

You can also see a carriage, the likes of which would have been a common sight in Lakeland town streets in the 19th Century. Don’t forget to listen out for the hustle and bustle of shoppers and market stall sellers.

The high street would have been the heart of Victorian Lake District towns and people would have travelled miles from the surrounding countryside to do their shopping, conduct their trade, and catch up on the latest news.

Featured Item – The Drug Run

Victorion Pharmacy

The characteristic range of draws found in Victorian pharmacies was known as the drug run. Here the pharmacist keep all the ingredients and utensils he needed for creating medicines, foodstuffs and lots of other things besides. From cure-all pills to arsenic our drug run held exotic ingredients that came from all over the world.

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